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How We Plan For Your Future

Retirement Planning

Retirement planning itself is an important topic and one needs to know in detail about this. This is a process of determining retirement income goals. One needs proper decision and actions to achieve those goals. This includes proper identification of income sources and estimation of expenses. There’s a need to implement a savings program and also to manage assets and risks. Estimation of future cash flows are also important. One can start at any point but it is better if one starts his financial planning early.

Insurance Planning

Insurance planning is a very important aspect of one’s financial life. It is not very difficult to understand. This is to protect oneself, his or her family, home, assets in case of unexpected events. The idea of insurance is to get a financial group to contribute to fund that helps individuals to recover in case of an unexpected loss. Each person needs insurance accordingly. Students are usually insured on their parents’ insurance plans. However, in case of drastic life changes, one needs to review his or her insurance planning

How Our Products will Help You

Medical Insurance

Medical insurance or mediclaim is an important part of one’s future financial strategies. This is a health cover that helps to cover up any risk in monetary terms. It not only covers up hospitalization expenses but also specific ailments and treatments one incurs during hospitalization. Under the 80D section of the Income Tax Act one can also avail a mediclaim cover along with tax benefits.

Wealth Creation

This is a process of creating and building a stable source of sustenance. By creating this, one would not have to struggle to make ends meet. In DRS Investment, we help people to plan from the beginning so that they can save their hard-earned money as well as invest in financial fields that guarantee them huge profits and eventually turn into wealth.