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Take a closer look at the generous donors that keep our Dam doors open

Earth Bank, with the headquarters in the community of Meadowvale/Streetsville in Mississauga, Ontario.

Under development is a multi-use professional and wellness space in Streetsville, Mississauga. Laying roots in a heritage building, the team is looking to expand the support measures already in place to reach more individuals and families going through transitions.

Through building a community foundation for the community, within the community.

The Foundations flagship program is “Earth Bank,” connecting individuals in need with community resources through a volunteer bank with a multi use wellness and resource space within the Community.

We are looking for volunteers!We are looking for volunteers!

1st Community Project, a Youth drop in program. Week days and in the summer with sign up weekly, dependant on volunteers!

We need your support & Donations to open our doors to the youth for the this summer.

 Our immediate focus is on the need for community support and we know Streetsville has the heart!

In the final stages of finalizing partnerships larger Corporate Sponsors and Partners whom already have programs in place to support and assist with Community Support, Youth Homelessness, Unemployment, Earth Bank’s initiative will positively impact participants, helping them through life’s transitions.

Our Programs

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Meet our donors

Take a closer look at the generous donors that keep our Dam doors open