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What to do after Retirement?

You have to live long. So it's the high time to plan the after retirement living. Consult with us to get some better Retirement Ideas

Take care of your child's education

Your child is the future of the Nation. So, his/her education is important. Plan child educational expenses from now to take better advantage

Wealth Creation

With Nivedita Investment create your wealth with proper planning

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Expert Consultancy

Nivedita INVESTMENT is surrounded with full of professionals who help people manage their hard-earned money efficiently. The flexibility of our company will help you to talk to our consultants anytime from anywhere.

Plan Your Future

Planning for your children-his or her education, marriage, vacation, buying a car etc. Because they are your Future and they need you.

You Are Important

An important aspect of comprehensive financial planning, evaluating risks, determining and assuaging those risks with a proper insurance coverage. So understand your value today.

Plan Your Future With The Best Financial Consultants

Our Life is short. So, we have to live the life in a way such that we will have enough money with us to utilize. And for this we need to plan from right now. Because we don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow. But, to face the tomorrow, we need the face today first.
What are the basic needs to live?
Firstly, Oxygen to breathe. Secondly, Water to drink. Thirdly, Food to Feed. Fourthly, Shelter to Stay. Fifthly, Clothes to wear. Now, the first two is free to gain as nature is providing it. But, you have to pay for the rest three as these are not free. You can consume vegetables from forest but our modern food habit will not let you to be vegetarian. After these five, you need Education, Health and Wealth. And based on these, our lifestyle is changing. So for everything, you need to be financially strong. You can expect your child to get higher education. If tomorrow you or any of your family member will become sick, you need to pay to Hospitals or Nursing Homes. So, all of your problems need a Financial Planning. To help you to overcome from these issues, we are here. We are one of those Financial Consultants by whom people are securing their future.

You Have Money But You Are Financially Weak. Why?

Fear Of Loss

What will happen if market gets down? This is the first question that comes in every person's mind. While, you are trying to save some money by investing, you basically got scared. Thus, it's become difficult to consult with you. Hence, They refer not to invest. But, saving money on Bank is safe to them

No Time In Hand

Secondly, Everyone is running now. They have no time to spend to understand the value of their Life. Or, then don't even have such time to think about their Future. They prefer to spend the free time with their friends and family instead of planning to their future. Thus, they lose patience to listen.

What is Life Insurance?

A Life Policy is just a time-yellowed piece of paper with columns of figures and legal phrases until it is baptized with a window’s tears. Then it is the modern day miracle, and the Aladdin’s Lamp. It is Food, Clothing, Shelter, Education, Peace of Mind, Comfort, Undying Love and Affection. It is the sincerest love letter ever written. It quietens the hungry crying of a baby at night. It eases the aching heart of a bereaved widow. It is a comforting whisper in the dark, silent hours of the night. It is a new hope, a fresh courage and strength for the mother to pick up the broken threads of life and carry on. It is the college education for son and daughter, the chance for a career instead of a need for a job. It is comforting presence, a helping hand, a softly breathed word of comfort and cheer when needed the most. It is the undying love and affection. It is fruition of a father’s hopes and plan for his family’s future. Through life Insurance he lives on. There is no death; Life Insurance is a plan that Exalts Life and Defeats Death. It is the premium that we pay for the privilege of living after death


Why Choose Nivedita INVESTMENT as Your Financial Planner

  1.             20+ Years of Experience
  2. Planning According to your Requirements
  3. Most Affordable Solutions
  4. Bunch of Financial Products
  5. Less Paperworks
  6. Expert's Advice for Investment
  7. Start from Very Small Amount
  8. Telephonic or Face-to-Face Consultancy
  9. Regular Update on Market Ups & Downs


Plan For Your Future

Retirement Planning

With a sustainable income, comes proper insurance planning. Life insurance is nothing but a security against future uncertainties

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Insurance Planning

An important aspect of comprehensive financial planning, evaluating risks, determining and assuaging those risks with a proper insurance coverage

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